- Policy UNIPOLSAI, Policyholder: VILLE IN ITALIA S.R.L.
Ville in Italia s.r.l, offers the possibility of taking out an insurance coverage policy up to a maximum of Euro 5,000.00 pro capita per rental period, with a maximum of Euro 15,000.00 per rental period with an excess of Euro 150.00 per person within the above-mentioned maximum sums insurable, in the case of cancelling the vacation for any of the following reasons:
A) Sudden illness, with certified prognosis of at least five days, and/or injury ( for which the impossibility of undertaking travel is clinically documented)
B) Death
  1. of the insured party (the name indicated on the booking document);
  2. of the husband or wife, son or daughter, brother or sister, parent or mother/father-in-law;
  3. of the travelling companions, provided they are registered together for the trip at the same time as the insured party. In this case it is therefore possible for all the parties registered to apply for indemnity due to cancellation of the vacation, despite not being directly affected by the events described in the policy, though within the maximum sums insurable indicated above.
Cost of the policy:
the insurance coverage has a cost equal to 3.5% of the total price of the vacation and must be stipulated and paid at the time of confirming the rental booking of the property.
The guarantee is not effective:
  1. if the insured party fails to forward to Ville in Italia s.r.l written communication, via registered letter, telegram, telex, fax, or e-mail, advising of the forced cancellation of the vacation booked, within 10 (ten) days from the occurrence of the cause of the cancellation itself;
  2. whenever the cancellation of the vacation is due to:
    1. injury, illness, or death of persons over the age of 80 years;

    2. injury, illness, or death occurring prior to the date indicated on the provisional booking document;

    3. pregnancy or pathological situations deriving from the same after the sixth month of pregnancy; mental illnesses or central nervous system diseases;

    4. alcohol or psychotropic drug abuse, non-therapeutic use of narcotics or hallucinogenic drugs; criminal acts committed by the insured party, participation in competitions or contests involving the use of vehicles or motor craft, unless they are regularity races.
Special conditions
  1. The guarantee becomes effective from the date indicated on the provisional booking document, after payment of the deposit and the balance of the insurance coverage, and shall be valid up until the date of beginning the rental period;
  2. The penalty, based on the amount paid for the property rental, will be reimbursed according to the following percentages calculated in proportion to the date of cancellation:
    • 30% up until 40 days before the beginning of the vacation;
    • 50% from 39 to 30 days before the beginning of the vacation;
    • 60% from 29 to 22 days before the beginning of the vacation;
    • 80% from 21 to 15 days before the beginning of the vacation;
    • 100% from 14 days before the beginning of the vacation;
  3. In the case of cancellation due to illness the Insurance Company shall be entitled to have inspection visits made by doctors of their choice.
Obligations of the Insured Party
In the event of cancelling the trip and as a result, the property rental booked, the insured party must inform Ville in Italia s.r.l of the cause of the cancellation in writing by registered letter, telegram, telex, fax, or e-mail, within 10 (ten) days after the occurrence of the same.

The insured party, or a third-party assigned by the same, must therefore submit original copies of the following documentation:

- medical certificate indicating the date of the injury or onset of the illness, with the diagnosis and prognosis;
- medical records in the case of hospitalisation;
- death certificate in the case of death;
- registration documentation of the rental booking or similar document.
All events caused by, or resulting from, acts of war, revolutions, earthquakes and natural disasters in general, transmutations of atomic nuclei, radiation provoked by artificial acceleration of atomic particles, or criminal acts perpetrated by the insured party are excluded from the insurance coverage.
Implementation of the guarantee
The coverage is effective for each party directly insured prior to the beginning of the stay in the property previously indicated by Ville in Italia s.r.l.

For anything else not indicated herein, the legal provisions shall prevail.

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